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Kalam Crypto #69: Bitcoin on every Apple Mac, Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade & More

This week, Microstrategy buys an additional 1,045 BTC, the Bitcoin Whitepaper is found on every Mac computer and VARA tightens regulatory requirements on Binance.

CoinMENA Team

"Good thinking is expensive. Bad thinking costs a fortune." Shane Parrish

Ahlan wa sahlan, and welcome to the 69th edition of CoinMENA's weekly newsletter, Kalam Crypto. This week, Microstrategy buys an additional 1,045 BTC, the Bitcoin Whitepaper is found on every Mac computer and VARA tightens regulatory requirements on Binance. All that and more, so let's dive into this week's letter, and talk crypto:

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Lightning Round ⚡️

MicroStrategy has made a new purchase of 1,045 bitcoin for approximately $29.3 million, at an average price of $28,016 per bitcoin. As of April 4th, 2023, the company now holds a total of 140,000 bitcoin, which were acquired for approximately $4.17 billion, with an average price of $29,803 per bitcoin. MicroStrategy now owns 1 out of every 150 #bitcoin that will ever exist.

Bitcoin Whitepaper on every Mac: Are Apple Bitcoin maxis? That's the question on everyone’s mind after it was revealed that a copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper is hidden on every Mac computer worldwide since about 2017. To verify it yourself, you can visit this link or open the Terminal app and paste this command:

open /System/Library/Image\ Capture/Devices/

What does this mean? Bitcoin is going to the moon, obviously.

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Coming Tomorrow: Ethereum’s long-awaited Shanghai upgrade is scheduled to take place tomorrow (April 12th). The upgrade will enable stakers to withdraw their staked ETH for the first time since the Merge, when Ethereum switched from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. 

DOGE Goes Up, DOGE Goes Down: Elon Musk, the biggest troll on Twitter, sent DOGE price up 30% when he temporarily replaced the bird logo with the DOGE dog. Days later when the bird came back to the bird app, DOGE price tumbled eliminating most of the price gain.

Local News 📍

VARA tightens scrutiny on international crypto firms like Binance: The Dubai Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) requested Binance to provide more information on its ownership structure, governance, and auditing procedures. Specifically, seeking information on ownership, auditing, and board procedures at the global group level. In March, Binance and its CEO, CZ, were sued by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission for purportedly breaching derivatives regulations and having fake compliance procedures.

Keep an eye on 👀

DEX overtaking CEX: For the second month in a row, decentralized exchange Uniswap beatsCoinbase in trading volume, hitting $71.6 billion in March - 45% higher than Coinbase's volume. 

DEX overtaking CEX

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Quiz Corner ✅ 

Last week’s question:  What kind of information can be stored in blocks on a blockchain? Answer: Any kind of information

This week’s question: What is bitcoin halving?

  • When the block subsidy is cut in half

  • When the supply of bitcoin is doubled

  • When each bitcoin is split in two

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