Why should you only trade on a regulated exchange?

Unless you received your first Bitcoin from someone else, chances are, your first purchase was through a cryptocurrency exchange. In the past, those trading stocks did not think twice about storing their shares on the exchange where they bought them. As such storage worked well for the intended purpose, the same logic was applied toContinue reading “Why should you only trade on a regulated exchange?”

CoinMENA appoints SRB for Islamic opportunities in digital assets

“Getting certified as Sharia-compliant is another milestone in CoinMENA’s dedication to client excellence and becoming the leading blockchain and digital assets company in the MENA region”, said Dina Sam’an, Co-Founder & COO of CoinMENA.

Why are cryptocurrencies lucrative investment opportunities?

In a fast-changing world where information about the short and long-term benefits of investments has been growing, the notion of trading different asset classes has been rapidly gaining popularity. In addition, the importance of building a portfolio of diversified assets that are in line with current and future developments is also being emphasized. One suchContinue reading “Why are cryptocurrencies lucrative investment opportunities?”

CoinMENA to capture Islamic opportunities in digital assets

CoinMENA was created to help investors at both the retail and institutional level identify business opportunities for digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple that meets the investor’s own standards around long-lasting returns.